Demo Artists

August, 2019: Dan Oakleaf

Dan Oakleaf was our August Demo Artist. Dan works in oil and had a number of tips to share with us about his process. When working from his photographs, he likes to do a number of small scale timed studies--20 minutes or so. This helps him to sift thru ideas, push past the photo, and maybe discover something new and innovative. He believes that the more you paint, the better you get and the faster you paint, the better the painting.
When working from life, Dan likes to begin by 'drawing' with the oil paints. He is a big proponent of working in series--doing a lot of renditions of a single subject to explore the subject matter and the color ways used. His palette usually consists of a 'Mother color'--a mid-tone mixed color--that he then mixes with warm and cool colors. This saves time and creates color harmony in the piece. His advise when you find yourself overworking a piece--start over! Starting over is a good way to break out of a rut. To see more of Dan's work, visit his website.

June 11, 2019: Dennis Dickerson

Dennis Dickerson creates digital paintings in Photoshop. He begins with a hand drawn animal, scans it into his computer, then uses a plethora of digital brushes and paint to create an image of nature that speaks to the beauty and strength of the animals he depicts. He stressed the idea of problem solving in art. Dennis has been working in Graphics for 40 years. His graffics business can be seen at

2019 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 8 Steve Griggs Watercolor
February 12 Stacy Peterson Oils
March 12 Marianne Mitchell Abstract Oils
April 9 Cheryl St. John oils/plein air
May 14 Don Coen Hyperrealism
June 11 Dennis Dickerson Digital Art
August 13 Dan Oakleaf Oils
September 17 Desmond O'Hagan Presentation (oils and pastels)
October 8    
November 12    

2018 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 9 Patty Jones Perspective
February 14 Anne Gifford Watercolor
March 13 Jane Hunt


April 11 Carol Jenkins Oil
June 12 Diane Widom Watercolor
August 14 Lydia Potoff Pastel
September 10 Ken Elliot


October 9

Gene Youngmann


November 13 Round Table  Misc.

2017 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
March Michael Clark  
April Stacey Roberts  
June Michael Dowling


August Aura Liesveld  
September Member Demos  
October Scott Roberts  
November Dave Santillanes Oil, Plein Air

2016 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
May 10 Janet Nunn Watercolor
June 14 Bruce Gomez Pastel
August 9 Member Demos  
September 13 Cliff Austin Oils
October 11 Monique Gray Acrylic Skin Art
November 8 Scott Leckrone Pastel
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