Demo Artists

March 12, 2019: Marianne Mitchell

"Marianne earned a BFA in painting from Washington University in Saint Louis, with post-graduate work in Japan, China, and at the Vermont Studio Center. A Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Fellowship recipient, Marianne has shown work nationally in New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Denver, and internationally in Scotland and Germany. Her work hangs in many important collections including The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, and has private collectors across the United States and abroad including England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Tanzania, and Canada."



Compelled by the universal tension in balance, my paintings and oil pastels convey a harmonious sense of Inner Place reflected in the cosmos, nature and humanity. 

Dark skies couching brilliant light, waters reflecting the universe, and physical landscape holding immeasurable spirit contribute to a language of complement, creating resonant works through blended layers of luminous transparent and opaque color.

My visual poems offer reciprocity between one’s inner being and the outer world."

~excerpts from

February 12, 2019: Stacy Peterson, Oils

"Stacey Peterson was born in 1978 and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Growing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Stacey developed a love for the outdoors that influences her artwork today.

While Peterson’s professional background is in the field of environmental engineering, she has always been interested in drawing and painting. She took up oil painting after graduating from college, concentrating on portraiture at first and then turning her focus to the landscape. An avid backpacker, hiker, and mountain biker, Peterson draws upon her time outdoors to provide the inspiration for her oil paintings. She often works on location, and uses her plein air studies as reference for studio works that typically depict locations in the wilderness areas of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West."

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2019 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 8 Steve Griggs Watercolor
February 12 Stacy Peterson Oils
March 12 Marianne Mitchell  

2018 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 9 Patty Jones Perspective
February 14 Anne Gifford Watercolor
March 13 Jane Hunt


April 11 Carol Jenkins Oil
June 12 Diane Widom Watercolor
August 14 Lydia Potoff Pastel
September 10 Ken Elliot


October 9

Gene Youngmann


November 13 Round Table  Misc.

2017 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
March Michael Clark  
April Stacey Roberts  
June Michael Dowling


August Aura Liesveld  
September Member Demos  
October Scott Roberts  
November Dave Santillanes Oil, Plein Air

2016 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
May 10 Janet Nunn Watercolor
June 14 Bruce Gomez Pastel
August 9 Member Demos  
September 13 Cliff Austin Oils
October 11 Monique Gray Acrylic Skin Art
November 8 Scott Leckrone Pastel
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