Members Gallery A-M

Beverly Abbott

"Summer Swim" by Beverly Abbott
"Scarecrow" by Beverly Abbott

Nickie Barbee

"New Zealand Landscape" by Nickie Barbee
"Wild Mountain" by Nickie Barbee

Sally Bullers

"Winter Glow" by Sally Bullers
"Mountain High" by Sally Bullers

   Gerry Case

"Springtime in Belcastle, France" by Gerry Case
"Coffee Shop in the Bay" by Gerry Case

Carol Dillard

"Journey" by Carol Dillard
"Red Moon over Denver" by Carol Dillard

Jane Doak

"Two Old Broads" by Jane Doak
"Spring Crabapples" by Jane Doak

Sharon Doyle

by Sharon Doyle
by Sharon Doyle

Patricia Galloway

"I know Jack" by Patricia Galloway
"Hayleigh's Desire" by Patricia Galloway

Jan Gibson

"Desert View" by Jan Gibson
"Bird Watching" by Jan Gibson

Isolde Gilland

"Island from the Sky" by Isolde Gilland
"Colorado Mountain Ranges" by Isolde Gilland

Monique Gray

"A New Day" by Monique Gray
"Mirage" by Monique Gray

Penny Hamilton

by Penny Hamilton
by Penny Hamilton

Bill Hobler




"Misty Harbor" by Bill Hobler
"Friend" by Bill Hobler

Patty Jones

"Snow Steeds" by Patty Jones
"Cowboy Up" by Patty Jones

Aura Liesveld

"Flower Garden" by Aura Liesveld
"Sunset" by Aura Liesveld

Ruth Mills

"Three Quarter Curl" by Ruth Mills
"Dawn Bison" by Ruth Mills

Linda Munzer



"Golden Glow" by Linda Munzer
"Sunlight Through the Trees" by Linda Munzer
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