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Margretta Perry



"The Sky Sings to the Night" by Margretta Perry
"Looking Toward the Light" by Margretta Perry

Kathryn Reddy

"Preying Eyes" by Kathryn Reddy
"The Eye of the Tiger" by Kathryn Reddy

Camie Rigirozzi

"Apple (Color)" by Camie Rigirozzi
"Sunset 1" by Camie Rigirozzi

Jill Riggin

"Curtain Call"
"Can't See the Forest for the Trees"

Valentine Roche

"Zentangle Zinnia" by Valentine Roche
"Possibility" by Valentine Roche

Suzette Rosenthal

"Wander About" by Suzette Rosenthal
"Hoop Games" by Suzette Rosenthal

Susannah Vandyke

"Watercolor Portrait" by Susannah Van dyke
"Black Madonna" by Susanna Vandyke

Karen Vasey



"My Grandson" by Karen Vasey
"Queenie" by Karen Vasey

Barbara Wagamon

"The Old Road" by Barbara Wagamon
"Earth Dance" by Barbara Wagamon

Charles Walter

"Work #17" by Charles Walter
"Work #20" by Charles Walter

Bonnie Wilber



"Flag Day" by Bonnie Wilber
"Van Gogh's Cats" by Bonnie Wilber

  Lois Wolfsong

phone: 303.429.9564


"Struttin' Her Stuff" by Lois Wolfsong
"Enchantment" by Lois Wolfsong

John Yurchak


"Fall Colors, Brainard"
"Wood Duck"

Joe Ziegler



"Bobby Meader"
"Michael Corleone"

Sandi Zeimek




"Fresh Blooms" by Sandi Zeimek
"Mistery Boquet" by Sandi Zeimek
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