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Stephanie Hartshorn

"As a nod to my previous career in architecture, structural themes often arise in my work. I have always loved the details of design: rhythms and complex beauty in the lines and curves of our manmade world. I’m captivated by an alleyway, for instance... piles & stacks, shafts of light that pass through and over old buildings, metal fire escapes.

My work is composed of rural and urban landscapes as well as particular objects that capture my love of sculpted form. My inner geek engages in design dialogue, my quiet side senses a good story. I enjoy the adventure of carving out these ideas on canvas; each brush stroke taking on a form of its own, overall a texture that explores and expresses the object."


 ~From Stephanie's Website

2020 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 14 Brainstorming  
February 11 Janet Nunn Greeting Cards/Watercolor
March 10 Stephanie Hartshorn Painting
April 14 Melissa Arthur Painting
May 12    
June 9    
August 11    
September 8    
October 13    
November 10    

2019 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 8 Steve Griggs Watercolor
February 12 Stacy Peterson Oils
March 12 Marianne Mitchell Abstract Oils
April 9 Cheryl St. John oils/plein air
May 14 Don Coen Hyperrealism
June 11 Dennis Dickerson Digital Art
August 13 Dan Oakleaf Oils
September 17 Desmond O'Hagan Presentation (oils and pastels)
October 8 Jeanne Hougen Oils
November 12 Susan Schmidt Marketing

2018 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
January 9 Patty Jones Perspective
February 14 Anne Gifford Watercolor
March 13 Jane Hunt


April 11 Carol Jenkins Oil
June 12 Diane Widom Watercolor
August 14 Lydia Potoff Pastel
September 10 Ken Elliot


October 9

Gene Youngmann


November 13 Round Table  Misc.

2017 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
March Michael Clark  
April Stacey Roberts  
June Michael Dowling


August Aura Liesveld  
September Member Demos  
October Scott Roberts  
November Dave Santillanes Oil, Plein Air

2016 Demo Artists

Date Artist Subject
May 10 Janet Nunn Watercolor
June 14 Bruce Gomez Pastel
August 9 Member Demos  
September 13 Cliff Austin Oils
October 11 Monique Gray Acrylic Skin Art
November 8 Scott Leckrone Pastel

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