This month BAG Members shared not only their artwork, but also their plein air setups and urban sketching kits!

"April Pub Draw" by Hannah Williams

9"x 9" colored pencil

"Dancing Tulip" by Michelle Skulley

4.5"x6" Watercolor

Gail Smith's Plein Air Setup

15x11" Watercolor - Painted at Viele Lake in Boulder

This is my plein air setup - it all fits into my backpack.

"Garden Chair" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

6 x 8 inches Soft pastel
This is a plein air piece that I painted in my neighbor's garden. I brought out my indoor geraniums to add interest and color. The afternoon sun provided great light and shadows!

"Paint foal with green" by Ruth Mills

10” x 20” Acrylic
A sure sign of spring is a young foal running in air green Grassy field

"L'elefantino" by Cathy Carpenter

16x20" Oil paint on canvas
This wasn't painted on location but is from a photo I took on location, in Rome near the Pantheon, Bernini's l'elefantino sculpture

Camie Rigirozzi

This is my Plein Air Set up. I try to travel light. I like to paint with a very limited pallette when I am out.

"Crocus Peeking of Spring" by Michelle Skulley

4.5"x6" Watercolor

"Springtime on Sheep Creek" by Liz Kelly

12x24" Oil
Kim Touysinhthiphonexay's Pastel Plein Air Kit
I have a brand new Dakota Box and Mabef easel to hold my pastels and paintings in the studio and plein air. They work great! And then I carry a bag or bin with my other supplies.

"Crown Hill Lake Surprise" by Pat Sladek

5" x7" Quick sketch with watercolors

First Daffodils

"Red Rocks" by Pat Sladek

5" x7" Combination St. Petersburg pan paints and Dr. Martin's hydrus

"Flatirons" by Sally Bullers

11x14" Oil on canvas
We were painting up near Chataqua

"Pale Mountain" by Camie Rigirozzi

This is my most recent painting en plein air.

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