Here is some of the art of the month from BAG Members! Art is shared at our monthly Member Meeting. This month's theme is WHERE THE HEART IS. This can mean anything that comes to mind.

To participate, become a member and upload your art each month. More details about membership here.

"Contagious." by Hannah Williams

9”x12” Pen/Colored Pencil
Don’t let it infect your heart!

"Flourish" by Shannon Moeller

16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas
Reminds me of the flower garden my husband and I planted at a previous home!

"Heart Forest" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

7" x 5" notecard PH Martin watercolors and crayon resist
This painting of winter woods and hearts was inspired by the Connecticut woods where I grew up and the snow/rain that often fell on my Valentine's Day birthday. May beauty grow up and love rain down everywhere around you!

"Heart of the City" by Pat Sladek

10" x 7 1/2" Dr Ph Martin Watercolor/ construction tape

"Canna "Lemon Sherbert'" by Teresa Burkert

9 x 12" colored pencil
A combination of friends, art and gardening make my heart glad. This piece is a gift to a friend who raises cannas and has a March birthday. I am also practicing my artwork by producing 4 x 6" greeting cards to send to special friends and family during the spring.

"Friendship" by Maggie Henry

6” x 6” Mixed media

Friendship gives wings to the heart as there is no distance that can set them apart.

"Love lifts me" by Valentine Roche

7.5 x 7.5 inches Mixed media

"New Moon in Capricorn" by Cathy Carpenter Patton

12x16" Water-mixable oil on canvas

I painted this for my husband, a Capricorn

Cathy's Website

"Still in Isolation!" by Jane Doak

Still waiting and hoping for a vaccine! 11x14 matted, Pen and ink with pastel.

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"Soft Rose" by Michelle Skulley

4.5 x 6" Watercolor and Pencil

"Where the Heart Is", "American Soul", "Heart Hope" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

three 5" x 7" notecards PH Martin watercolor painted with plastic card, scruffy brush and crayons plus soft brush

In this collage, I played with three different approaches to the theme: 1) spelling out 'Where the Heart Is' as a graphic structure for abstract shapes and colors, 2) using a rough brush to represent ideologic divisions and the need to heal and come together in American Soul, and 3) using crayons and soft paint to represent hope in the heart rippling out to the world.

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"Bouquet of Roses" by Lydia Bowles


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"Ornamental Peppers" by Selma Payne
5 x 7" colored pencil
I really fell in love with the shapes and colors of these peppers!

"Music and Nature" by Sally Bullers

8 x 8" acrylic, collage

"Old Truck" by Valentine Roche

Photograph may be sized to request, Photography Collage

Valentine's Website

"Bull Linocut" by Camie Rigirozzi

4x6" on printing paper

My maiden name is Bull, so this represents my family, where part of my heart will always be.

Camie's Website

"Love" by Valentine Roche

3x2 inches Stone and silver marker
Beautiful find of a perfect heart shaped stone

"Finley" by Beverly Abbot

11x14, Oil on Canvas

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