We take July off from meeting, so we want to know...what did you do on your SUMMER VACATION?

"Wild Poppies" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

14 x 11" Soft pastels over watercolor
I created a watercolor painting of poppies growing in a wildflower garden a couple of years ago. The flowers were very red in the painting but had no highlights or sparkle.
This summer I added layers of soft pastel onto the textured watercolor paper. I like the result a lot!

"Capitol Reef, Utah" by Beverly Abbott

9 x 12" Oil
Travelled through Utah National Parks

"Dockside" by Sally Bullers

16x20" Acrylic
When living in North Carolina the summers were very hot so we escaped to Maine. A little cabin in the woods on a cool lake was delightful.

"The Fisher Towers with the Titan in the Background" by Jane Doak

Utah Plein Air Painting on my summer trip. 

"Redwing Blackbird" by Camie Rigirozzi

8x10" oil on board

I spent a lot of time during the summer sitting in marshes listening to redwing blackbirds. I used a palette knife in this series to loosen up my painting and abstract the grasses.

Camie's Website

"Taos Santos" by Chris Landes

8x10" Pastel

"Pasque flower" by Teresa Burkert

16 x 20" colored pencil
I look forward every spring to this native plant that blooms in my yard. This piece will be submitted to a juried show highlighting native Colorado plants.

"Diversion" by Sally Bullers

10x10" Acrylic
There were no vacations this year so this was my diversion.

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