In June we shared our sketchbooks :-D

"Bumblebee" by Dave Shelley

6"X8" Watercolor on paper
painted from a photo found on Pinterest; original painting was given to a friend

Mesa Verde by Jane Doak

Jane Doak's Brooklyn Sketchbooks

Arches National Park by Jane Doak

"Sketchbook" by Gail Smith

Sketchbook Pencil

"Adobe Wall with Geraniums" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

5x7 Ink and Watercolor
On a painting trip to Taos NM, we stayed in picturesque casitas with interesting artifacts and beautiful geraniums arranged beside an adobe wall. This was a great little spot to sketch and paint!

"Ghost Ranch sketch" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

5x7 ink and watercolor
This was a quick sketch and paint of the colorful cliffs at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM. Minutes later I did a full sheet painting (22X30) of the same view, using a picnic table as my easel!

"Cityscape" by Valentine Roche

9 x6 inches watercolor journal


"Rose for Judy" by Dave Shelley

6"X8" Watercolor on paper
painted for my wife from a photo found on Pinterest

Durango to Silverton train by Jane Doak

we were only able to go to the cascade junction due to Covid restrictions...but it was a wonderful trip

"Duck totem" by Cathy Carpenter

5.5x8.5" Ballpoint pen and watercolor on cold-pressed paper
A duck landed in our backyard a few weeks ago. We live at least a mile away from the pond so it hasn't happened before, and I decided to sketch him.

"African Violets" by Gail Smith

Sketchbook Pen & Ink, Watercolor Wash
Sketched my daughter's plant instead of watching Football.

"Lake Como Garden" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

5x7 Ink and Watercolor
On a painting trip to Bellagio Italy, we visited a beautiful botanic garden on the shore of Lake Como. At the very end of the garden, there was an interesting tower silhouetted against the mountains that I wanted to sketch and paint. I looked over my shoulder and saw a tremendous black cloud and buckets of rain heading my way, so I took a photo, did a 5 minute sketch and packed up, minutes before we were drenched with rain. I added the color later back at the hotel while enjoying a glass of Italian wine!

"Landscape 2" by Valentine Roche

9 x 6 inches watercolor journal

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