The November Prompt is meant to CELEBRATE the hard work we have done all year with images from our Member Show.

"Full Moon in Leo" by Cathy Carpenter Patton

12x16 oil on canvas

"Vernazza Harbor Boats" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

10x14 inches Watercolor
Boats and reflections in Vernazza Harbor, Cinque Terre, Italy. Reference photo from Jim Pedersen. I painted the boats, buoys and detailed reflections first, covered everything with masking tape, then added layers of color in flowing strokes to capture the translucent water and waves.

"High Plains Cactus" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

8x6 inches soft pastel
This painting is based on a photo I took on a ranch in SE Colorado. The hardest part was getting pastel pencils and the courage to put in the spines and shadows!


"Midnight Flight" by Gail Smith

11x8" Encaustic (a Wax Painting)
I have no idea where a painting is going. I just put my first application of wax on the paper and then go from there.

"Moose Wanderings" by Patty Jones

20 x 16 Watercolor

"Rocky Overlook" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

9x12 inches Soft Pastel
Warm sun and cool shadows on the rocks, with an inviting view to the distant hills beyond. Based on photo from Irvine Ranch CA. This was my first piece done after a two-year hiatus from pastels. I broke my painting elbow one day after starting this piece, so most of it was done with my arm in a rigid splint. Fortunately my painting hand still worked!

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