The cooler temperatures are setting in, and we are all excited for AUTUMN!

"Near Winter" by Dave Shelley

8X10" Watercolor on paper
Based on a photo I took of some aspen leaves outside our window

"Helvola hardy water lily" by Teresa Burkert

11 x 14 inches colored pencil
This is one of the smallest hardy water lilies. My husband raises them in pots.

"Beatty Canyon Panoramas" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay 

Each panorama is 5x14" Ink and watercolor
I drew and painted these panoramas at Beatty Canyon Ranch in SE Colorado on a painting trip with Janet Nunn in late August/early September 2021.

"Beatty Canyon Art Books" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

Each page is 5x4" Watercolor
I created this fun little art book depicting memories from a trip to Beatty Canyon Ranch in SE Colorado.

"Lost and Found" by Deb Jenkins

8 x 10" Pastel on pastelmat
We have an owl family living in the old cottonwood tree down by the old barn. I found this feather while out walking. It blended in with the dried up leaves so well that I almost didn't see it. Luckily I had my camera with me.

"Autumn of 2014" by Gail Smith

12 H x 9 W Watercolor
Looked back at my old photos and fund this one taken during a visit to my friend's cabin near Grand Lake.

"Beatty Canyon Balanced Rock" by Kim Touysinhthiphonexay

9x12" Watercolor
Balanced rocks and cliffs at Beatty Canyon Ranch in SE Colorado. This painting was created by masking the sky, bushes and foreground, then pouring liquid paint on wet paper to color the rocks. When the paint dried, I added shadows and finished the rest of the painting.



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