Members' Gallery M-Z

Judy McFadden

"Sun Painting" by Judy McFadden
"Waterfall" by Judy McFadden
"Wall Sculpture Metal" by Judy McFadden

Ruth Mills

"Three Quarter Curl" by Ruth Mills
"Dawn Bison" by Ruth Mills

Margretta Perry

"Colorado Colors" by Margretta Perry
"The Sky Sings to the Night" by Margretta Perry
"Looking Toward the Light" by Margretta Perry

Camie Rigirozzi

"Sunset 1" by Camie Rigirozzi
"The Joy of Authenticity" by Camie Rigirozzi

Jill Riggin

"Pre-Covid Impressions" by Jill Riggin
"On the Horizon" by Jill Riggin
"Santa Fe Respite" by Jill Riggin

Dave Shelley

Lisa Tousignant

"Inner Space" by Lisa Tousignant
"Emerging" by Lisa Tousignant
"Soul Dance at Midnight" by Lisa Tousignant

Barbara Wagamon

"The Old Road" by Barbara Wagamon
"Earth Dance" by Barbara Wagamon

Bonnie Wilber

"Harlequin" by Bonnie Wilber
"Dog Sledding in Alaska" by Bonnie Wilber

Sherry Yu


John Yurchak


"Fall Colors, Brainard"
"Wood Duck"

Sandi Ziemek




"Fresh Blooms" by Sandi Ziemek
"Mistery Boquet" by Sandi Ziemek
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